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Payday Advance Loan - Why Wait For Stuff?

Life can be tough. That's why we've made it easier for you. We have invented something called a payday advance loan, to keep you from being broke between paychecks. Payday advance loans are great. We understand how hard it is to hold on to your money. Your ticket out of the desperation is a payday advance loan.

More about a payday advance loan

From the creators of the term "Shut Up" and the toilet plunger, we have worked with a team of engineers and scientists to create the payday loan system. How this works is we take our previous groundbreaking invention, the paycheck, and make it so you can get yours before you actually get it. It's genius, and with the help of another little gadget we invented back in the 1970s, the "internet," we can bring this world-opening venture to you, free of charge. An online payday advance can be yours within 24 hours. Enjoy. This one's on us. Learn all about payday advance services here.

Payday Advance Loan and you

Indeed, the world is bright with a payday advance. You can indulge yourself now, immediately, while the whim is still fresh. Say for instance you want to fly to Vegas right now but don't have the money. Get a payday advance loan, and you'll be on the Strip before you know it, playing nickel slots and comparative-shopping for prostitutes. Only in America. Or imagine being magically whisked away to the county jail to bail out Dad. "How will you pay?" the cop stuck behind the desk (probably because he is in trouble for like beating a suspect or somethign) will ask. You can proudly reach into your pocket and whip out a couple fistfuls of cool, hard cash that you obtained from a payday advance loan from the place across the street. These places do a lot of business next to jails. You can imagine why.

Did you Say You Were On Drugs?

Uh-oh, don't have a job? Looks like you can't get a payday advance loan and have to resort to petty crimes, even felonies, for your drug money. Think about it. Give the addicts money and they won't have to commit crimes to get drugs. Tie them up in debt hell so they stay homeless forever, and without cars (you can't get a car loan with bad credit) so they'll stay in their poor-people neighborhoods. It was our intention from the start to invent something to keep the streets a little safer for the children of the rich, who are saintly and without faults (except for maybe loving America too much, which is impossible). We believe we have accomplished that goal. We like to call it a payday advance loan. You can thank us later. Consider going online today an getting a bad credit payday advance!

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