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Payday Advance understands that you work hard. That's why we offer you all sorts of information on how to get an advance today.

Payday Advance - Why Wait For Your Check?

Payday advance stupidity

You are a moron and can't hold onto your money between pay periods at the pet grooming salon. You have no foresight and thus blow all your rent money on heroin and Pizza Hut Extra Greasy Meat Lovers Slime Extra Large Pizzas every night. Sounds like you need a good old fashioned payday advance. Why not put some cash into deodorant or new clothes? How about some shampoo or a salad? This can be possible with a payday advance. You work hard and shouldn't have to wait two weeks for money. With a payday advance you can get your daughter the medicine she needs so there won't be a ninth baby running around the apartment without diapers or a father. You can cut back the hours you work each week telemarketing and spend more time drooling in front of the TV, thanks to payday advance loans. And with a no fax payday advance, you can actually get back on top of your finances without the hassle of providing extensive paperwork.

Payday Advance Loans Work!

It's fun to get a payday advance loan. If you've been to jail for public drunkenness, it's still okay, because the guys who run payday loan services give priority to people with criminal records or poor financial histories--this ensures that if you take out a loan you will not likely pay it back in time and the interest will grow and grow. More money for them, more times you have to come to them for a payday advance in the future, since now you're giving them all your money. It's a beautiful relationship and is probably better than your marriage. This is the appeal of a bad credit payday advance. Learn more about an online payday advance by browsing through this site.

Where Do I Sign Up for a Payday Advance?

Whoa, tiger, not so fast. This is a purely informational site, but there are many other places out there that you find easily. When trying to get a payday advance online, the best places to look are the ones written in English. If they aren't written in English but, rather, in another language such as Spanish or Lithuanian, then they are most likely some sort of scam and will rob you somehow. For instance, they will pose as payday advance services services and ask for your social security number. They will say that they need this to check your job status to verify that you actually do have a paycheck coming. A type of credit check, they'll say, before they give you cash. But before you know it, your life savings are gone and so are the guys you spoke to. Whoops. Just another day in the crazy life of a cash loan.

More Information, Please

The most common type of payday advance is one that works by charging a flat rate for every hundred dollars you borrow. Like $20 per the hundred. So if you borrow $500 (not likely, since your paychecks are usually like $100 because Wal-Mart doesn't pay very much) you will $100 just on interest. That's $600 you owe in total. Another month goes by and you owe the $600 plus $20 on each hundred of the $600 on a cheap payday advance. That's $720 you owe now. And that's a lot of burgers you have to flip. Shouldn't have gotten the payday advance, huh? Should have waited a couple weeks to get the Clay Aiken CD. Payday advances are not quite the little treasure that they once seemed.

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