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Payday loans can be a good way to end up in debt. Read more to find out how.

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Payday loans finance whopping expenses

Jeanne Shifflett of Harrisonburg, VA was working at the Salvation Army when she needed some quick payday loans for a Double Whopper from Burger King for lunch. "I need my Double Whopper. If I don't have my Double Whopper, somebody is going to get hurt. It's like nicotine for me." Thing is, old Jeanne didn't have any cash on her and wouldn't get paid for another week. She needed to apply for cheap payday loans. Faint and almost unconscious from hunger, the 300-pound woman was laying on the floor writhing and panting for a Double Whopper.

Meanwhile, customers were backed-up holding their used clothes and broken appliances with waning patience. This is an important lesson in instant payday loans. No one should be deprived of such fast food goodness because they have to wait to get paid. Not only does it taste good, it's good for you! And with payday advances, people such as Mrs. Shifflett wouldn't have to worry.

"She needs to look into payday loans," said John Shifflett, 43, a customer in the line that day. "Hell man, get yourself some payday loans you can have cash whenever you need it. Too bad Burger King don't take credit cards or check or nothing, huh? I would've been out of here an hour ago with my new foot massage gadget. BUt shoot, then I'da needed some debt consolidation payday loans or something - I gotta quit spending so gosh durn much, you know?"

Everyone is getting payday loans!

Other customers echoed John Shifflet's sentiments regarding payday loans. "Yeah those things, man," said Earl Shifflet, 34, "you can get your paycheck like a week before you get your real paycheck, man. I'll tell you what, man."

"Yeah," Kathy Shifflett, 25, said. "I started a payday advance loans appreciation website. You should all join. We offer cash loans for everyone in need. Everyone. No exceptions!"

"Let's all go get us some payday loans right now!" John Shifflet said. This resulted in a mad rush for the door in which three Shifflets and a Vlades were trampled. They all died at the hospital and their relatives will pay the hospital bills with the money they get from going down and getting them some payday loans.

At press time, Jeanne Shifflet was still on the floor of the Salvation Army behind the cash register, whimpering like a puppy for a Double Whopper. "," she said. "Must...get...payday I...can get...Double Whopper."

Options for the immobile

Also look into the possibility of online payday loans - you won't have to move an inch to get your instant cash! This is the advantage of a payday loan online, and if you have bad credit bad credit payday loans might just be that financial push in the right direction . No fax payday loans are also great, offering fast, effective payday loans without additional sweat on your part. And if you're a soldier and still itching for a chance to make your heroic name in Baghdad or Karbala, look into military payday loans so you can kill your off-duty time in style. The Shifflet's would be proud.

Take stock

There may be other options for you that are better than paying a lot for payday cash loans. After all, payday loans are extremely costly.

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